Barcelona’s Best Bar?

It’s March, it’s still bare cold and the weather couldn’t be further from the heavy heat of the Catalan Capital in mid-summer . If you’re heading there this year check out 33|45, a 10-minute walk from La Rambla, in the heart of the diverse El Raval Barrio and my favourite my bar in the city.

No need for words, here’s a compilation I feel represents Barça’s best bar’s vibe throughout the hours.


Tornar a casa 🖤

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When your bartender takes you and your 'with extra olives' seriously 🍸

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33/45. Raval. Bcn. 28/11/15.

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#Sunday #nightcap

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#havefun with Lau @lau_aguilarc #3345 #raval #barcelona

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Esto es un no parar #lamerce2016 #3345bar

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Getting drinks at a very awesome vintage bar 🍸#3345 #barcelona #elraval #bar

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Night is a trap.

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If you’ve got somewhere else in mind as Barça’s best, give me a shout !


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