Making The Most of those Juicy January Flights

Officially the most depressing time of year, those in a flexible situation have the option to travel all over Europe for a fraction of the price you’d find yourself subjected to for the rest of the year. With all airlines dropping their prices to fill seats, you can find some incredible last-minute deals.

In January 2016 I was based out of London and with a £100 flight budget I had the opportunity to spend my Friday night in Athenian Techno basement club Senza , the next night Techno again till midday Sunday in Berlin’s Chalet and be in Madrid for the Spanish capital’s student night Fucking Monday the day after … overall that was 3 key European capitals, 4 flights and over 4,500 miles in less than a week. If I’d gone for a similar style of multi-city trip any other time of the year there’s no doubt flight expenses would have at least doubled.

London is definitely the best city to find some juicy last-minute departures, but you’d be surprised which other cities have regular flight connections whose prices are slashed for the January off-season. To make the most of these flight deals have a trawl through flight search engine sites like Momondo and Sky-Scanner. With the ability to search all departures from a city, you can link up a multi-city itinerary based off the best deals and keep it tailored to your own taste in destination and budget. Also when using these sites keep a check on the cookie situation … sometimes the live pricing can cause a surge and drive up prices horrendously.

All over Europe the affordable January prices extend beyond airfares and you can find enticing accommodation deals that fit any budget. Visiting a city out of season can also provide you with a whole new perspective on the city and its nightlife. For example in Athens the locals that work out on the islands during the summer all return home for the winter, so clubs and bars that are full of tourists during the long summer months are filled with hedonistic young Athenians in the depth of winter.

The more environmentally conscious can keep tabs on their carbon footprint by reducing their air miles and go for the straight up single destination city-break. Those hectic major European destinations that are rammed the rest of the year regain their charm in the off-season, creating a fresh and authentic experience. Overall flights for under a tenner can’t be beaten and whilst Luxembourg might not be the home of the sesh, you’d still consider flying there for 7 quid. Imagine going somewhere decent for that price.

Happy New Year people, best of luck in everything you set out to accomplish in 2018 !


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